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Game Console With Game Cartridge


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     This is a lego console that i made, it has cable ports and a game cartridge. The part in the pictures that is sticking is where you insert the game (make sure that it goes in with the gold touching the gold so it works). You can customize the pixel art, it is just a 20x20 pixel image with 4 cutouts for the handles.

     I have chosen this idea because i set out to make a lego console that was lifesized, but also fun. You can pretend you are playing video games, or watching netflix, or even watching tv! I also made this because if you have the pieces, you can have whatever game you want!

The highlites of this project are:

  • A small toy tv
  • A controller
  • Working cables feature:
    • Working port for HDMI cable
    • Working controller plug in port
    • All cables and cable ports are color coded, just match the color
  • a life sized console
  • you can take the end if the HDMI cable connected to the tv and put it on any other lego tv and use that as your consoles tv!
  • area to put your game in
  • game can be changed

     Also, this is my first project and i am really hoping to get it approved, all the support you can give would be much appreciated!!!

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