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Tabby Cat and Her Toy Frog


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Why propose a sculpture of a Cat?
As a cat lover I was looking for a LEGO model of a cat, but found that they are not commercially available.
Also other cat lovers on FaceBook could not help me. This was the start impulse for this project.

What is the basis of the "Tabby Cat with her toy Frog project"?
I took our own cat as the model.
I could have left it at that, but she is still carrying around het toy Frog she was given when she was only 4 weeks old. She is now almost 9 years old.
So for this project her Frog had to be included.

Maybe for the final LEGO version the Frog will be left out, but for me that's not a problem as the frog can be easily made seperately, because it's a simple build.

Is this project just for Tabby Cat owners?
I think it's for all cat lovers that would like a sculpture that looks like their own cat, so I hope there are a lot of cat lovers who would like to own a LEGO model of their cat.
As an illustration I included a Black & White cat and a Ginger cat to demonstrate that once the basic model has been designed other coat-versions can be available without a huge effort. So although the project is a Tabby Cat I hope also B&W and Ginger Cat lovers will vote for it.

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