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Moby Dick

Moby Dick is the whale in the book, Moby Dick by Herman Melville, made in 1851. I had to read it for school last year, and we had to make a book project. And so, this LEGO whale came into existence in my mind. It was about 3 months later that I got a LEGO Ideas account, and it was the afternoon of the day I wrote this description that I got the individual pieces I bought to perfect my design.

What makes this design so unique is its flexibility. If you look up Moby Dick on LEGO Ideas, the models are all rigid, with very little moving parts. This model, however, has a head segment, four body segments, and two tail segments, all connected by ball and socket pieces. The mouth can open wide, and close neatly. It is also important to note that I added specific details from the book, like the harpoons still stuck in Moby Dick's blubber, including one that was mentioned to be under one of the whale's fins. Another detail from the book is the wrinkly forehead, expressed by 1X2 grill plates. It also recognizably has the body shape of sperm whales.

This model of Moby Dick is made of exactly 302 LEGO pieces, 27 making up the base, and the remaining 275 in the whale itself. The model measures a length of about 11 inches (28 cm), a width of (if stretching out the fins) 4 1/2 inches (11 1/2 cm) and a height of 6 inches (15 cm) including the water coming out of the whale's spout, and 4 inches (10 cm) without.

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