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Love Every Grid Object (LEGO) Chess Set


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This is my first attempt at putting together a LEGO chess set. I was looking for something that was both functional and a nice display piece. I went with as few visible studs as possible, for a cleaner more classic look.

All the play pieces can be stored within the under board storage compartments, and there is a choice of three different board colour themes, depending on your mood or taste. There is a detachable and reversible separate play board that fits neatly within the top section of the storage base, as well as the inbuilt recessed playing board. The board top section of the storage base easily detaches to expose the storage area and also has an additional board.

The play pieces are sturdy, and are easy to pick up and move. There is plenty of room within each square for them to be placed without bumping into neighbouring pieces.

There are also pieces to play checkers with, to extend the set's versatility.

I have built the set as a display with actual bricks to prove that it works in the physical world. There are no special bricks used; the bricks selected are mostly fairly common and generally easy to source.

I hope you like this interpretation of LEGO Chess, and I appreciate your support.

Number of pieces: 2316 (including the 2 brick separator tools and the checkers pieces).

Dimensions of chess set:
Length: 310 mm (12.2 in), 38.8 studs.
Width: 310 mm (12.2 in), 38.8 studs.
Height: 147 mm (5.8 in), 18.4 studs.
Weight: 2664.8 g, (93.999 oz).

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