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Peeking Through The Bush

This illustrates summer life in the garden. The curious puppy peeks through the bush and explores the unknown world.
I built this creation because I was inspired by the summer season, with the wildness and its symphony of smells, colors, and diversity. I want this creation to illustrate the diversity of our magnificent world and its different plants living in harmony.
This creation illustrates creativity, imagination and caring for the unique environment. Further, the creation illustrates two perspectives: 1) a vertical perspective with the puppy and the flowers together in the garden; and 2) a horizontal perspective (below the dog) - a mini version of the garden life.
By combining these two perspectives, it creates an illustration of the complexity of the garden and the interaction between the different habitats, and the playfulness of humans (illustrated by the kite).
This creation has been in progress for quite some time. Years ago, I was inspired and challenged, and I built the puppy. It was uncertain to me - until this summer - what environment I should place him in.
This creation is created both for hanging on the wall and for standing alone. It contains around 700–800 bricks.

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