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Mission: Impossible Story From Stunts


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This Build is a collection of diagrams of the best mission impossible moments in each movie. I built this because I am a huge mission impossible fan and it's not only about the story but about the fact that tom cruise (who plays Ethan Hunt) does all of the stunts in real life. The reason I think this will be a great Lego set is because I think it would be so cool to see all of these models of the craziest stunts of all time.

These are the descriptions of each of these builds:

M:I-1: Vault stunt: Ethan hunt Gets lowered into a vault to gather data on a computer

M:I-2: Canyon climb stunt: Ethan Hunt climbs a huge canyon to reach the top but accidently trips and falls
but barely grabs the side of it and catches himself

M:I-3: Building slide stunt: Ethan hunt lands on top of a tilted roof and starts sliding down it but luckily, he caches himself at the last second

M:I-4: Car vending machine stunt: Ethan hunt is trying to catch a guy who has a nuclear briefcase, but while chasing him they run into a car vending machine and jump from car to car trying to get the briefcase ( I would have done the Burj Khalifa stunt but I found out the hard way that the building has an Ip and I could not make it, So this is the second best stunt I could think of from the movie)

M:I-5: Plane stunt: Ethan Hunt jumps onto the side of the plane to get inside but the door isn't open and he's holding to the side while it lifts off.

M:I-6: Helicopter stunt: Ethan Hunt grabs a rope connected to a helicopter to climb up and reach the pilot seat to chase after another helicopter.

M:I-7 Cliff jump stunt: Ethan hunt is about to ride a motorcycle off a cliff so he can parachute away without hitting any rocks.

I built this idea using Mecabricks. It consists of 2166 pieces.

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