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UCS Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batmobile


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  • Approx. 18" long
  • 1664 Pieces

This is a USC of the Batmobile from the highly anticipated Batman V superman: Dawn of Justice.

When I saw the first images that where released by Zack Snyder, my first thought was " I wanna build that out of Lego". So I searched the web for any photos of the Dark Knight's ride, after a frustrating time I finally grabbed enough references that covered all the angles so I could confidently build it.

The main body color that i chose was metallic black because when i studied the images of the actual car, I noticed that body had a subtle grey tone to it, though I do not know how the metallic color in real life.

Building this so that it looked exactly like the reference was more difficult then I expected and at times was a bit frustrating for this was my first time using the Lego Digital Designer. It took me roughly 7 weeks to build this set and I believe that I really made it as accurately as possible with the pieces that were available and at it's current scale.

  • LDD 4.3 extended
  • Maya 2015 (For rendering)
  • Photoshop 2015 (For shadows)




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