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Alfa Romeo P3


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        Hey! Thanks for taking a look at my model of the Alfa Romeo P3! This model took me around three or four days to build and is made up of probably about 200-300 pieces.
        First, I'd like to list some details about the real P3 so that you can get a picture of what it was like. This car had a 2.5 liter eight-cylinder engine. Also, it had a horsepower of 215 and its maximum speed was 140 mph(225 km/h). With the skilled Tazio Nuvolari at the wheel, this wonderful car won the 1935 German Grand Prix over much more powerful and fast Mercedes and Auto Union cars. As you can see, this truly was an awesome car.
        As seen in the pictures, I tried to create the nice sleek look that makes this car so beautiful using a lot of red slopes. On the front, I made a radiator cap(just above the grille). Further along, I made a small windshield using a 1x1 transparent slope. In the cockpit, there is a steering wheel and a light grey colored seat. In the rear, I tapered the end of the car down using lots of slopes and bricks. Overall, this model is structurally secure and strong.
        Anyway, thanks for taking the time to check out my model of the Alfa Romeo P3! I hope you like it. Don't forget to share it with your friends! Please also check out my other Lego models(Blower Bentley, Bricksville Hotel, Tintin’s Seaplane(From the Shooting Star) and Findus and Pettson’s Dining Room). Thanks again! :o)

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