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Backyard Skate Ramp

Its 1988 and there are some legends at the Backyard Skate Ramp. 

This vert ramp has a roll-in channel on one side, and an extension (or as some say, a "tombstone") on the other. They were fortunate to use brand new pool coping, and a fresh layer of Masonite.

On this day, there is a big session and after a backyard BBQ. We're grilling up some legs and hot dogs. (Not to mention our Weiner dog who always thinks there is some for her) But we do have plenty to drink, and someone even ordered a pizza. Whether you want to use a sun chair lounger and catch some sun, or catch some air, catch the vibes, or catch the moment on film, we welcome you!

Some of the most iconic skate photos of all time were taken on this ramp. You'll notice the famous Rocket-Air, perhaps you can name the trick, or the legendary skater in the other photos. (Good Luck!)

It appears a skateboarder broke his truck, but his friend came through with a spare to help him out. 

All the skateboarders will all be riding until the wheels fall off - believe it!

Side Note: I wish I could have made my mini-figures stylish with skater clothes, shorts and knee pads.  Perhaps this could be made to resemble some of the famous legends of skateboarding. However, I am just a guy with some Lego laying around so I had to use what I had.

I hope you enjoy this very fun backyard party at the skateboard ramp. It looks nice set up, it plays very well. It is pretty radical!