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Swimming Sperm Whale

Welcome back fellow builders! This set is a similar concept of my "Angler Fish" product idea that I submitted a while ago. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!

About The Mechanism—

When I was building the mechanism for this model, It was tricky to come up with a way to get it to work, and I wondered if it was feasible. But I came up with a simple solution. This is how it works: when you pull the switch up, it pulls an axle upwards which has other axles attached to it that push up the tail fin and the two fins on the whale's sides. When you pull the switch down, the fins will drop. Moving the switch up and down repetitively, will make the whale appear as if it is swimming.

About The Whale—

The whale was lots of fun to make. I went with the Sperm whale because I like their large heads. Though it was not my intention to make the whale cute that's how it ended up, and I like it that way.

This build was all around lots of fun to make and I hope to make similar builds in the future ( I am not making any promises though )! As always, thanks for reading and supporting! [:-)

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