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Caesar's Forum - Roman Empire


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Revive the glory of the Roman Empire with this set inspired by the ancient Rome!

During the Roman Empire the Forum was one of the most important place in Rome. It was a square where romans used to gather and it was the center of all the pubblic, politic and religious activities. Caesar's Forum was built by Julius Caesar in 46 BC. It was the first of the Imperial Forums.

The idea of this set cames up because I really love archeology and roman history. I build it one years ago and since then I have it in my room. One week ago I found LEGO IDEA website so I decided to share the project with all the comunity. I think this would be a good LEGO set thanks to its playability.

Caesar's Forum includes a big temple dedicated to Caesar and two small temples for gods offerings. The Forum square can also be used as an arena for games in honour of Caesar. The set includes 1 Caesar, 2 Pretorians, 2 Roman Soldiers, 1 Beast Master, 2 Gladiators, 1 Gladiator Hero, 1 Cyclop and 1 Minotaur (these two can be replaced by animals or they can be considered Masked Gladiators for the games)

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