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Discworld- Unseen University


Discworld is an incredibly complex, fantasy world created by Terry Pratchett, who described it in his 41 bestsellers.
One of the most important places in this Discworld is the Unseen University, the seat of wizards and place of development of magic and sciences of the Discworld. It is also one of the most important buildings in the city of Ankh-Morpork, the largest metropolis on the Disk.

The structure contains the most important buildings of the Unseen University, as well as 7 characters, which are an integral part of this place and books related to it.

Courtyard and garden - The courtyard contains a small fountain and plants that Dwarf Modo takes care of, in the corner there is a well-known compost that comes to life from time to time.

High Energy Building - The place of modern teachings of the Unseen University and the realm of Ponder Stibons. This is where the experiments that explain the phenomena of magic take place, and most importantly, it is the home of HEX - the thinking computer.
He is the Disc's clearest thinker who has had a large part in constructing himself.
For various unknown reasons, it refuses to cooperate when the mouse that lives in it is out of cheese.
( You can find HEX video presentation below whole text )

Library - It looks inconspicuous, but watch your steps, because you can quickly get lost in L-space, generated by thousands of magical books. Ordinary shelves can then turn out to be an endless maze ... but what is a monkey doing here?
Shh! He's the librarian who once had a magical accident that turned him into an orangutan. He is more comfortable in this body and does not wish to return to human form.

Dining room - what wizards like the most is to eat well. It's hard to deal with magic etc. without a proper meal, right?
Above the dining room, Old Tom, the bell with an octarine heart, strikes its empty sound, it strikes absolute silence, for a moment silencing the whole city.

Tower of Art- the tallest tower in Ankh-Morpork, it owes its unique shape to many repairs and architectural changes.

The set contains 2241 bricks, 5 wings of the building and 7 minifigures.

Discworld has millions of fans around the world who would give a lot to own such a set.
However, even for people who are unfamiliar with the Discworld, it is an interesting structure, with unusual characters and architecture.

Tribute to the works of Sir Terry Pratchett (1948 - 2015)
Terry Pratchett has written 41 Discworld books. His extraordinary sense of humor, outstanding imagination, and unique style of writing absorbed fans around the world.
He created dozens of unique, complex characters, a whole original world that he was able to develop all the time.

references - all 2d graphics (including the background for the presentation) and 3 renders both in the set and in the presentation were created by the author of the project.
No third party involved
Sticker on Hex says " ant hill inside" it is welll known it Terry Pratchett books and it does not violate any copyrights

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