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A Cottage Beside a Wood

Inside the forest, a cloaked traveler stumbles, weary and in need of rest. He finds a little house, standing two stories high in a glade with few trees around it. Two brothers live there, and they allow him to rest within their walls for a night, and the traveler is fed and washed to his content.

Piece count: 2800
Minifigures: 3

This model took 5 days to build, and I included more interior design then I have in past builds. This moc is castle themed, a house built in medieval times. I think it would make a very nice display model, and it is very playable as well.
In creating this product idea, I attempted a few techniques that I have never tried before, such as SNOT in the baseplate, a curving wall using rounded 1x2 plates, and the pine tree style using hinges.

I hope you like my newest product idea! Please support to make it a set!

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