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Technic Hexapod With Kinematics

Hi LEGO fans, here I would like to present you a 100% Technic proposal, which might push the playability potential of Technic hubs and PoweredUp motors to their limits 😉, a hexapod with kinematics.

But first what is a hexapod? It is a platform with 6-degree of freedom, also known as Stewart platform. It is an essential component for any full-flight simulator of aircraft. By accurately calculating and controlling the strokes of 6 linear actuators, the attitude and displacement of their articulated platform can be manipulated. What triggering me to pursue this idea was the introducing of 42100 Liebherr Bagger R9800 several years ago. That set consists of two smart technic hubs and 7 powered up motors with built-in angle feedback. Being both AFOL and a fan of full-flight simulator, I decided to build a hexapod for my LEGO aircraft collections. Please refer to the following video when mounting AH175 on the hexapod.

Details: part number < 800, max load 2000g, travel range: X and Y +/- 40 mm, Z +/- 20 mm, rotation range: roll and pitch +/- 20 degree, yaw +/- 30 degree, displacement accuracy < 1mm, rotation accuracy < 1 degree, support both powered up APP remote control and joystick control.

Why great: as far as I know, this is the first workable hexapod with kinematics, built with 100% LEGO technic parts. Thinking about the unlimited playability, it can be a must-have for any Technic AFOL.

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