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Alaskan Expedition


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Two brave explorers and their husky have set out on an expedition through the freezing temperatures of Alaska to experience the amazing scenery and see the wide variety of flora and fauna. The day is ending and they come across a small stretch of snow covered land with some shelter and a small lake. The two explorers decide to stay here for the night. One explorer makes a fire and starts toasting marshmallows, while the other catches fish from the nearby lake. As the temperature drops the lake begins to freeze over.

This creation features a small stretch of water with some fish, an owl perched in a snow covered tree, and two minifigures with their husky, backpack, and camera. This build is almost built entirely with the SNOT(Studs Not On Top) technique. This set is great for everyone and is best for medium level builders.

I hope you enjoy!  

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