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Castle Unfold Untold

Castle Unfold Untold is a small castle on a swampy hill. The back of the castle unfolds both sides 
for easy acces. One side gives acces to the tavern, jail and treasure chamber hidden under the
castle. The other side gives acces to the kitchen and the white tower with entrance hall and bedroom
with balcony. The front gate will close when a small pin is pulled and the draw bridge can be lowered 
or raised by pulling a chain. The stables have room for two horses, goods can be stored under the 
stairs and there is a secret passage from the kitchen to the swamp(beware of crocodile).

I build this castle for my son, he plays with it for hours and hours, i decided to share it here as a playset so that others can enjoy it also.

The minifigs in the pictures are models, the playset will contain the following minifigs;
a knight, a princess, a cook, a guard, two horses and a dog.
(suggestions are welcome in the comments)

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