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Ágrabah City With Sultan Palace (Aladdin, 1992)


Hi everyone and welcome to Ágrabah City, the location where the story of Aladdin and princess Jasmine takes place. (from Disney movie, 1992). It’s a settlement in an oasis lost in the middle of an arid desert. Here's my best work on microscale builds. It has been a lot of time and effort but I think, once again it has been worth it. All in all: I have innovated and I have kept my personal touch in order to be original.


Aladdin (1992), Aladdin (2) and the King of Thieves (1996) and Aladdin 3: The Return of Jafar (1998) were memorable movies made by Disney from our childhood that provided us with endless hours of fun. They even produced an animated series about the adventures of Aladdin that was not bad at all. 

The original Aladdin story tells of the power of love, truth and generosity as well as social promotion. It share the thought that the true value of a person is found in their heart and not in their possessions or titles of nobility.

This Lego Idea try to remember that illusion and that desire to undertake adventures and know and discover new things that made us so happy as children (and still now as adults). My intention is to make you travel in time and travel with melancholy to a place so known since our childhood that it could be real perfectly.


First of all, we find rocky mountains, date-blossom palm trees and fine sand dunes that frame the city and palace limits. After all, Ágrabah is located in a rocky desert area.

The place is made up of a small town without slopes whose buildings are grouped around a central street, the Baazar, that gives access to the Sultan's Palace. The buildings are of different shapes, with stone facades and adobe roofs (often square and polygonal although there are also round ones. You can also find minarets. In this area you will find Aladdin’s House overlooking the palace. The main street is clearly better cobbled and is wider than the secondary ones

The palace, located higher than the city and built with the best pale stone has more than 10 towers of various sizes and heights but with similar domes (including the main tower of the Sultan). It also has: ladders, gardens with: blossom trees and small pools of water. 

You will find also signs with the names of the most popular places in Ágrabah.

SIZE: 38 cm x 38 cm

BRICKS: 2.650

7 MINIFIGURES: the main characters from the first original movie of the saga including their pets and accesories:

  • Aladdin, a street thief with a noble heart with: Abu, the little friendly monkey
  • Princess Jasmine: with Rajah, her faithful male tiger
  • Jafar, the mighty sorcerer and traitorous advisor (vizier) to the Sultan. with: Jago, the rogue parrot
  • The Genie
  • The kind Sultan, father of Jasmine
  • A fakir / snake-charmer with his snakes and the typical pungi flaute
  • The merchant and narrator who travels on a camel and sings the song "Arabian Nights" at the beginning of the film

Additional/alternative character options could include: Cassin / Aladdin's father, Razoul / Captain of the Sultan's Guard with a couple of guards, Abis Mal / the devious lackey of Jafar or even Jafar transformed into a giant cobra or even the titanic red genie.

I trust that you like it and can fall immersed into this nostalgic journey toward a strange and, at the same time, wonderful land. I have tried to build as accurately as possible without forgetting the details that give identity to each area. If we can turn this idea into a real Lego set, they will probably design and create custom figures of the Sultan of Ágrabah, the monkey Abu and the parrot Iago. Wouldn't that be amazing? It could be the ultimate new gift for the biggest Lego and Disney fans.

I humbly express my satisfaction with the result of the project. The palace gives the impression of symmetry, balance, with an almost hypnotic layout. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do while not missing any important detail of this emblematic palace.

The heart enlarges when we share with others. Thank you for your support. If I improve day by day it is not only because of my determination, but it is also because of all of you.

Kind regards to everyone from Ágrabah! 

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