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Neptune Guardian Night Light


Excerpt from Mission Log Entry #1, Neptune Guardian Nurlon 1029:

“Nurlon 1029 climbed into his round space pod, known to the Humans as a UFO. Mars had taken the heat of Human exploration for many years. Little did the Humans realize that the inhabitants of Neptune were undetectable to Human technology. He looked down at his feet. Invisible! Nurlon could only see the ice-blue glare of his home planet shining through his helmet visor. He had trained hard for this mission, and it would be a long one. There was no turning back now. He was a Guardian of Neptune....”

Hello Earthling Builders!

The Neptune Guardian Night Light is an original set idea inspired by space, and all things science fiction! Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun in our solar system. What our human race doesn’t know is that this giant planet has invisible Guardians!  They patrol space in round pods, known to us as UFO’s, and this spacecraft can glow at night! The set would be great to place on a shelf, desk, or nightstand in the bedroom space so you can dream with Nurlon 1029 of his future space adventures!

The design is simple with a basic ball as the underlying structure of the pod. Almost every piece is transparent blue or violet, except for a few glitter pieces to give a little nighttime shine. The built-in window presses a light brick on the inside automatically, so it will glow all night, or remove the window to have a fun pressable flashlight!

I hope you enjoyed the Guardian's story, and have fun wondering about the mysteries above!

Thank you for your support!

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