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Save Santa

The lounge room of an old house with double brick walls, high ceilings, fire place and a chimney, ceiling joist, roof rafters and roof covings, forming an attic.
This is where all lost items are found, plus unwanted ones.
Christmas is an awesome time of the year, where family and friends can get together to enjoy the festivities.
Let's all support to save Santa and he will be around for years to come.
Early Christmas morning, when a noise in the lounge room woke Ted, he went to investigate and found Santa upside down in the fireplace. Ted gave Santa a tug, but he did not move.
Ted called the emergency services and the firefighters arrived, concerned about Santa they called the paramedics. Animal rescue was not called as there were no reindeers on the roof because Santa has a Jet Sleigh.
The paramedics worked on Santa and made him feel better. Then the firefighters mangaed to free Santa from the chimney.
After a nice cup of tea and a mince pie, Santa received the all clear to go on his merry way.
Santa is now on his way to deliver new Lego products to everyone all around the World. Santa is running late, but will be there soon.
If you would like to save Santa, you can take out the back of chimney and remove Santa ready for a nice cup of tea.

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