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Delta-class JV-7 Escort-Shuttle


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The Refference:

The Delta-class JV-7 Shuttle is mainly known as the 'Escort-Shuttle'. It appears in official Star Wars Computer-Games, and rarely in Star Wars Comic-Books.

This Lego-Model is an Summary of the Design from the 'X-Wing Alliance' Game, and Designs from newer PC-Games, such as evolutions of 3-D-graphic Artists.


- An Stern-Turbolaser-Arc/Turret characterizes the Escort-Shuttle, as its most famous feature.

- The hollow, but stable, Sandwich-Wings, are fully detailed/featured.

- The folding of the Side-Wings is coupled with the ride out of the four-leg Landinggear; both is adjustable simultan by an single Tumbwheel ( with soft tire), at the stern - comfortably.

- For Presentation, the Shuttle stands save on its four Feet, in landing-mode; for save transportation, and playing, an short rack is offered, additional to the normal Presentation-Rack ( Flight-Mode).

- Six Seats features the Cockpit ( full equipped with Consoles), and eight Seats are offered in the Main-Cabin.

- The whole Mechanism is hide in an Lower-Deck.

- The Mechanism is enhanced by Spring-Shock-Absorbers.

- For Playing the Roofs of the Cockpit, and Maincabin ( along with the Dorsal-Wing) are detachable, or locked by an Cross-Axle-Fork.

- The Entrance-Ramp is authenticly extendable.

- Some Interiour is offered, such as Coffee-Maker, Tool/Laserarms-Rack, and Cargo-Boxes.

- 16 Minifigs are recommended for this Model: 6 Cockpit, 8 Maincabin, 1 Stern-Turret, plus 1 special-built Astromech-Droid

- Also the Wing-Canon-Tips are 'Glow in the dark'.

General Information:

- Approx. 500 hours are the Building-, and Developing-Time; over four month.

- This Model was built by switching between Lego-Digital-Designer, and Real.

- Approx. 4600 Parts are used; Only actual / up-to-date Parts, and colours are used.

- Stability was the first, and most important specification, for this model.

Not achieved Features:

- Full Landinggear-Doors are not achieved, as the shock-absorbers took the place, where the landingear-linear-aktuators was planned; so all was set closer to the bottom, and the doors was canceled.

- The Refference pretend, that the Cockpit shall serve as an Escape-Pod, undockable; This feature was not built, as it would have ment plenty of more bricks, to make it stable, and reliable.

Side Note:

The Escort-Shuttle Model is higher, but shorter than the 'Imperial Shuttle' Set, as it is specificated by my refference. Owners of the Imperial-Shuttle Set, may wonder...

The Delta-class JV-7 Escort-Shuttle -  Would like, to be an Member in the great Series of Star Wars Sets!

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