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An Online Meeting

Our Lego Idea is an Online Meeting with your Community (the outstanding connections that enhance your life regardless of physical location)

We have built a computer, complete with webcam, keyboard and mouse, where 16 community members (15 + you) will join in on an Online Meeting - a great tool keeping us all connected. 

Pretend you are part of the meeting, tap on the keyboard, click the mouse, swap members around or even create your own with our modular design!

A community includes all those who live, learn, support, play, and work together. Members may be leaders, family, friends or neighbors. 

We have started with an initial set of community members, including Teachers, Firefighters, Kids, Parents, Grandparents, Doctors, etc. This is however not the final set! As our idea is further developed, we will seek community feedback to decide on who to include.

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