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Pirates of the Caribbean Props Collection

Quick Overview
This is the Pirates of the Caribbean Props Collection. This set contains near life-size display models of various iconic props seen in all 5 of the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

What is in the Set?
  • The Dead Man's Chest
  • The Heart of Davy Jones
  • The Key to the Dead Man's Chest
  • A Piece of Aztec Gold from the Cursed Treasure of Cortés
  • Ragetti's Wooden Eye
  • Jack Sparrow's Compass
  • The Diary of Galileo Galilei
  • The Chalices of Cartagena
  • 9 Minifigures with Display Base

Additional Info
Pirates of the Caribbean is my favorite film franchise, so I combined it with my passion for LEGO to create these models in I did my best to make these models as accurate as I could in size, shape, and detail while adding decals where necessary.
The PotC theme from 2011 is one of my all-time favorite themes and it's also a favorite of many other LEGO fans. Since the 2017 Silent Mary set, I've hoped for a return of the theme in some way even if that means it's an occasional single set wave. I hope everyone reading this likes this idea as much as I do and supports it. Thank you! Yo ho, yo ho!

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