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Industrial Mini Shops

Calling all builders, plumbers, mechanics, etc., it's time for your mini shops !
No coffee, donuts or iPhones.......but paint, v-belts, chop saws and drain cleaners !
Inspired by the success of Pekko and his mini shops idea, I decided to relaunch my designs from 2010 (City Corner Style Buildings - post office, bank, chemist & toy shop) as industrial mini shops.
With the large number of tough industrial feel sets Lego City has each year, either mining, construction, vehicle repair, you get my about some support for these builders, miners, mechanics, etc.,.
These designs have common elements of a simple counter and computerise cash register, plus each has a special brick-built features.
Now for the rear views to show these special features in detail.

Here we have two features, a rack of paint rollers & frame sets, plus a paint tiniting machine.

The special features here are the toilet & drain cleaner.

A chop saw, magnetic drill & welder are the special brick-builds here.

The display rack is the special feature here, note how the display rack is assembled.

The cost of a single set could be between 15 and 20 dollars US, no minifig because there are quite a few trade/industrial collectable minifigs available now or in the near future.

If you like what you see, then please support this project and give the tradespeople and like in Lego City something other than coffee and donuts.

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