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Plants vs. Zombies 15th Birthday- Players House From Plants vs. Zombies


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This is a model of the players house from the hit 2009 long running video game series Plants vs. Zombies
I made this model for the original game's, and franchise's, fifteenth birthday which is May 5th.
In the game you play as a homeowner, of whom is under the threat of zombies. You can defend yourself by building an ultimate defense on your lawn with an arsenal of unique plant characters!

The design of the model consists of details and elements from different iterations of the house, has 2018 pieces, and is filled with small little details and references.

The model contains at the moment eleven minifigures and twenty brick built plant characters as well as a lawn mower as seen in the games. The minifigures included in the model right now are:
-Crazy Dave
-Basic Zombie
-Conehead Zombie
-Pole-vaulting Zombie
-Bucket-head Zombie
-Newspaper Zombie
-Football Zombie
-Dancing Zombie
-Ducky-tube Zombie
-Snorkel Zombie
-Ladder Zombie

The plants included are:
-three Peashooters
-two Sunflowers
-one Wall-nut
-one Potato Mine
-one Snow Pea
-two Repeaters
-three Lilypads
-one Tall-nut
-Three Flowerpots
-two Cabbage-Pults
-one Kernel-Pult

I intentionally made the plants brick built without printing so anyone can build more if they need, and can even make their own.

The interior of the house is something not seen in the games, however we do get two glimpses via the game over screens of the first game, of which I based the interior on. The interior features a red arm chair as well as a fireplace and a small kitchen on the second floor with a fridge that contains Crazy Dave's taco and bacon. The model also includes a pot piece in Dark orange, meant to be one of the vases , seen in the "Vase Breaker" minigame seen in PvZ1 and PvZ2, as well as a hammer piece in sand yellow, representing the mallet used by the player to break said vases in the minigame and defeat zombies. There is also a rake, as seen in PvZ1 which is used by the player to defeat zombies when stepped on, and a copy of "The Suburban Almanac" book seen in the PvZ games, which is an index of all plants and zombies in the game, The almanac can be opened to reveal a printed 1x2 tile of the Peashooter plant almanac entry, The garage has a trash can piece in it which can be give to the basic zombie figure to make it into the trashcan zombie , as well as a flag which can also be given to the basic zombie figure to make the flag zombie.

The house contains a hinge that can swing it open to reveal the interior, and the garage roof is removable.

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