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Detailed Buildable Personal Computer

There you are! On your computer (-ing device), looking at a creation made on a computer, about a computer, and submitted to LEGO Ideas on a computer. Before you grab your computer input-ter (mouse, finger, etc) to vote for this buildable retro-ish computer, let’s go over the tech specs real quick.

  • Fully buildable white-box case (pre-aged yellow for you), with a racing stripe (adds an extra 5 stud-hertz to your overall processor speed). Case includes plenty of IO ports, including 5.1 surround sound, USB 1.1, serial, and 2x double height expansion slots. The front of the case includes a CD-ROM (x8 speed), 2x USB 1.0 ports, and power and turbo buttons.
  • Custom sized motherboard, yet still attaches to the case via 9 motherboard standoffs-studs. Includes visible traces, capacitors, 2x PCI slots, and more.
  • Removable LEGO-inside processor, ready for you to slot into a standard LGA-1 (LEGO Gets Attached) socket
  • CPU cooler composed of a heatsink with a fan, surrounded by a shroud to help control the air flow. Attaches to the motherboard bracket via 4 standard anti-vibration LEGO-cylinders.
  • 1 stick of PC-133 SDRAM, good for 64MB (Mega-Brick) of memory.
  • 95 piece buildable HDD (it’s retro, no SSD’s) that includes the logic board, platter, needle, and Serial ATA connectors (ok, not as retro as to require setting a jumper pin and using an IDE connector)
  • The very latest GPU, a RTX-9001 (Really Terrific eXperiance - 9001) sporting 4x mDP (mini DisplayPort) connectors and 1 VGA port. Easy play LEGO Racers at 4k, 60SHz (StudHertz – they certainly do when you step on them).
  • You decide if this computer is setup in the tower or pizza-box orientation. 4 removable feet are included for tower configuration.
  • This set also includes a PSU, LEGO Minifigure, bonus tower, CRT screen, keyboard, and mouse.
  • Total piece count of over 1500 pieces.

What are you waiting for? Vote today so you too can build your favorite retro PC with this set. Suggestions? Submit a JIRA ticket (comments below).

This is a collaborative project created by Jacob (BangtanBricks) and Martin (HaveYouTriedTurningItOff).

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