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Gordian Robot


Victor City has been attacked by the Madokter!


Daigo needs you to defend the city and the entire human race; he controls three robots: Protesser, Dellinger, Garbin, three part of a single one "mecha", named "Gordian".

It's an increasing difficulty lego set: Daigo and Protesser are simple to build, Dellinger is a bit more difficul and Garbin is the most complex because there are more than two thousand pieces and because kinematisms are more complex than those of Dellinger and Protesser.

The three robots have their characteristic weapon: Daigo has a gun, Protesser has a football, Dellinger has an ax and Garbin has a spear. 

Every robot can be plugged into the other: Daigo into Protesser, Protesser into Dellinger, Dellinger into Garbin to form Gordian as well as in the "anime".

Height of the robot:

Protesser: about 13cm.

Dellinger: about 22cm.

Garbin:    about 48 cm.


When I was a child  Gordian was my favorite cartoon and robot; legos have always been my favorite toys and so my aim was to combine these two youthful passion.

Should you like my idea, please support it so that I can share with all of you and other people interested.

Best regards.

Marco Pellegrino

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