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R-15 HACS (Heavy Assault Combat Suit)


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The R-15 HACS (Heavy Assault Combat Suit) is an assault vehicle, able to replace human soldiers in most situations. Its top speed is a slow jog, allowing it to obtain speeds of about 35 mph. The HACS's vaguely human form grants high maneuverability in combat scenarios, including a 360 degree rotating waist and tri-jointed legs which enable it to absorb the impact from falling. The weapons on its 'hands' can be switched out based on the requirements of its mission. This HACS is outfitted with the standard armament: A three-barrel 30 mm rotating cannon, eight HEAT missiles and four AGM-12 rockets guided by advanced targeting systems. All models are protected by 1 1/4 alloy plating, allowing it to withstand heavy gunfire and light to medium explosives.

The pilot sits in the main body of the HACS and, due to the lack of a canopy, views his surroundings through high-resolution TV cameras located at various points on the suit's exterior. The arm movements are controlled by gloves the pilot wears which are synchronized to the HACS's appendages. Whenever the HAC's arms encounter something, the resistance is transmitted to the pilot's controls, allowing him to feel what the HACS is doing. The legs movements are operated in the same way as the arms, except by a pair of pedals which the pilot pushes with his feet in stead of using his hands. One of the biggest issues with the HACS is for the operator to get it back on its feet after it as fallen. Fortunately, advanced gyroscopic mechanisms prevent this from occurring the majority of the time.

The HACS comes in two colors: an olive green for forested landscapes and a dark sandy brown for desert operations. The piece count is 872.

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