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Marble Bust


Here's a LEGO marble bust I made for LEGO Ideas. It is a Renaissance-style sculpture of a male head made from 405 bricks total. All the bricks are white to resemble the marble material typically used from this art period. At the base the sculpture becomes a turned plinth for it to stand on.

I initially set myself a challenge of whether I could use LEGO to 'sculpt' an organic form and a decent representation of a head from all angles. Typically, Renaissance sculptures used realistic proportions but a different scale, and so I have done the same. It was quite a challenge but a very enjoyable one!

I was partly inspired by the Architectural range of LEGO sets and the new Flower ones - I love the idea of a range LEGO sets which are more art-orientated and once built would be proud on display in your home. Once built this set doesn't do anything - that's not the point - it's designed to be displayed and admired. It's more about the love of the craft and form, the likeness and the beauty - just like real art.

I would love for this to be a set as I already have the perfect place for this on my mantle piece, hopefully yours also.

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