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The 8-Shaped Toy Track Racing Course

Are you ready for a rush!?

3.. 2.. 1.. GO!!

This is the 8-shaped Toy Track Racing Course. A racing track formed as an 8, with corresponding remote controls and cars with matching colors. There's also a small podium for the 1st and 2nd place, together with a minifigure as a Race Driver. He even has a shirt on with a reference to the old Rocket Racer in the LEGO Racers console game. Rocket Racer is represented throughout this set as advertisements together with the gas station, Octan Gas, made by LEGO back in 1997.

The controller has the feature with a rubber piece inside and behind the trigger. So when you press the trigger there's a resistance to it, making it more realistic.

Don't we all just have that toy we always wanted for christmas as a kid, but never got? That's what this is for me. I always wished that a track racing toy with remotes would end up under the christmas tree, but it never happened. That's why I built this idea. Why not build it yourself then and live out your dreams like this.

I believe this would make a fantastic LEGO set because of the nostalgia a lot of people have for these types of racing tracks, whether it's a flat one like this or one with loops and stuff. Anyone who ever tried one of these, know that feeling when you pick up the controller and press down the trigger and.. Vroooom!! This is not a working track, but it certainly makes a marvelous display piece and you still get to pick up the controller and press the trigger like the real thing. It will take you back in time, no doubt about it.

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