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Memory Matching Game

Here’s a game that adults and children can play together, and the kids can win! It’s all about who has the better memory.
The game consists of an array of 25 doors, along with 12 pairs of matching Lego elements plus a Wild Card.
Someone who’s not playing hides all the items randomly behind the doors. The players take turns opening two doors. If the items behind them match, or if one of them has the Wild Card, the doors stay open and that player keeps that pair. If not, the doors are closed again. The idea is that if you see an item you’ve seen before, to try to remember which door the other one was behind.
At the end of the game the player who collected the most pairs wins.
 The cool thing about building this set is that you can swap out different pairs of elements of your own choosing, or your own creation, with each game!
I’ve seen similar memory matching games, and I thought it would be ideal to create a Lego version.

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