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Stage for Rock, Jazz and Metal Band


Hey! A new band is comming to town!

Create your own band with the instruments you want! Jazz, rock and even metal music band!

In this project, there's a lot of instruments suck as two (2) electric guitars, an electric bass, a full drum set (with doudle bass drums, a snare, five (5) toms and a full kit of five (5) cymbals!), two (2) maracasses a saxophone and a trumpet! There is a mic for the singer and tow (2) over head (kind of microphone) for the drum (that could be use for the winds section if you want). As you can see, a sound consol is in the backstage and with the technicien! Every speacker (6) has is own consol too, so you can "unplug" them for a separated use! There are spots light (yellow, red, green and blue) and fences for the public. A back stage is here for your musiciens and there stuff.


The stage is three (3) bricks high and very huge (but not enough for an orchestra... sorry)!

This is a full complete stage to make shows and kind of entertainment for a city. There is everythings such as sport teams, police corps, firemans... But I've never seen a band and a stage like that (I've never seen a drum set in LEGO bricks). This is a cool project because the builder can modify the stage by moving the carracters, changing lights position, move instruments and change music style has he/she wants!  

This is all for the moment, don't forget to write a comment bellow!

With pleasure!

Benjamin Petit (petb5537)


P.S. Sorry for the possible mistakes... I use to be francophone! 

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