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Goblin Fortress Ruins

This old fortress was abandoned by the King's men long ago, and has since become the camp of the fierce Goblin Warriors! The Goblins have kidnapped a princess and now hold her prisoner in the high tower of the fortress, and only the King's heroes can rescue her! The Fortress features a wall section with two towers and realistic battle damage effects, as well as complex angle work and advanced building techniques.

Build an impressive and detailed villain fortress featuring advanced building techniques for masonry, battlement and wall designs, timber structure and vegetation!

The model appears in a story; check the link below for more pictures!

(*This prototype build features unofficial Lego weapons and unofficial Lego heads which are there for conceptualization only; for details on those see link above. )

The old castle wall has been damaged in a long-ago battle, and is now the entrance to the camp! The Goblin Chief is the leader of the Warriors; fierce and tough, the sight of him is enough to scare even the bravest of knights.

Fortress Details: Goblin warriors and a dark wizard stand guard on the battlements.

Courtyard Detail: The wooden hut and gate are built using advanced-level building techniques for "timber".

The Goblin Warrior Horde is a fearsome sight on the battlefield!

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