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Pagoda Showdown

Samurai! War has come! Defend the Pagoda Mountain fortress with honor! The Emperor has sent his assassins and mightiest samurai to take it by force. Protect the Pagoda at all cost! The set features the Japanese symbol for Mountain "yama" in the floor of the pagoda gate room. The blacksmith shop includes the anvil, fireplace, and armor stands to keep supply steady for the men of the pagoda. The emperor's men have two choices for their siege on the fortress, a siege ladder or a battering ram. Goodluck and honor to you Samurai!

Set Features:
  • 930/pcs
  • 6 minifigures; 1 Blacksmith, 1 Samurai Commander, 1 Samurai Archer, 2 Emperor Assassins, 1 Emperor's Samurai Commander
  • 2 different siege weapons; 1 battering ram and 1 siege ladder
  • Pagoda room for resting and nourishment.
  • Blacksmith shop with 2 armor stands, a chest, and an anvil.
  • Gate room which includes weapon stand and 2 crossbow stands.

Thank you for your support! I hope you enjoy this set as much as I did making it!

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