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Space City

The Space City is an alien/futuristic city. I built this set because LEGO stopped making alien space sets and I want to bring that theme back.

Floor 1 (Garage) features: A spaceship, a crane, a vending machine, a robot charging station, an elevator, and a water dispenser
Floor 2 features: A police station/ prison, a juice bar, a landing pad, and elevator, and an oxygen pump
Floor 3 (Diner) features: a dining area, a jukebox, a kitchen, a bar, and a gumball machine
Floor 4 features: an apartment w/ a shelf, microwave, cabinet, and bed and the mayor's office w/ a mini city
Includes 12 Minifigures: the spaceship pilot, an alien mechanic, a police officer, the police chief, an alien civilian, a diner waitress, the mayor, the mayor's robot servant, and 4 alien criminals +3 mechanic droids.

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