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Twin-228 Airspeeder Star Wars

This is my creation of Airspeeder Twin-228 !
I hope you like it, and I get your support!
Jeg håber du kan lide den model, og jeg får din støtte!
Ich hoffe dir gefällt das Model und ich bekomme deine Unterstüzung!
J'espère que vous l'aimez, et je reçois votre soutien!
Я надеюсь тебе понравится эта Модель и я получу твою поддержку!
Espero que les guste, y me den su apoyo!
Espero que gostem, e eu tenho o seu apoio!
אני מקווה שאתה אוהב את זה, ויש לי את תמיכתכם!
آمل أن تكونوا مثل هذا، وحصلت على دعمكم!

The Twin-228 airspeeder was a model produced by SoroSuub. On many worlds, such as Iridonia, it was modified as a speeder truck by the addition of a cargo pod.

The speed of the Twin-228 made it a popular speeder on more urban worlds while the optional cargo pod attachments made them a common sight on agricultural worlds as well.

Produced under the Galactic Republic by SoroSuub the airspeeder Twin-228 was a civilian means of transport in two places that share aesthetic similarities with other models available in the market at that time. In addition to the cockpit at the rear, the most striking feature of this device undoubtedly lay in his teeth double twin parallel extended forward. It is possible to assume that the passage Desler Gizh Outworld Mobility Corporation was inspired by this particular configuration centuries after the Jedi Civil War to develop his famous Koro-2. The clearance between the forks could accommodate cargo freight. The increased loading capacity, which could not exceed four hundred kilograms was done of course at the expense of the visibility of the driver and passenger. A disadvantage is that the owners do not consider actually disabling. In addition, the company also had Sullustéenne the idea of ​​offering for sale a standard container specially designed for this purpose. This option allowed the manufacturer to earn more credits and consolidate the commercial success of the vehicle. In addition, the drive was on it by two large motors. Thanks to them, the crew was able to browse without any problem eight hundred km / h. Twin-228 became especially popular among agricultural populations of planets. He proved to be a vital asset to carry materials from one farm to another.

The approaching airspeeder is dented and dirty, with a multitude of
scratches along its bottom and sides. The long twin prongs clearly
show this to be a Twin-228 airspeeder, which often doubles as a
speeder truck in remote Iridonian communities. True to form, this
one carries a large, enclosed cargo pod between the prongs. The
speeder itself does not appear to be armed, but a blue-clad Neo-
Crusader sits in each of the twin cockpits.

The speeder pilot attempts to fly the craft through the incoming fire
without stopping. The passenger fires his personal weapons whenever
possible and attacks anyone attempting to board or interfere with the
speeder's flight. If the speeder is disabled, both occupants abandon it to
engage the enemy directly.

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