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the lego mini villa's serie 1

the 1st villa serie contains 3 lego villa's.
the 3 villa's ar:
*the whirlpool villa
*the beach villa
*the river villa
i hope you like them

the picture of the villa above is the back of the beach villa.

serie 2 is comming soon** with 3 whole new mini villa's
*the mountain villa.
*the peak villa.
*the island villa.

** serie 2 will be submitted on 10 april!

the whirlpool villa.
with a big pool between the 2 sides of the villa, many windows and an emerald piece.
this villa is my favorite.

the pool between the 2 sides
also a way to get to the ather side of the villa, ar the 2 bridges that go over the pool.
on the top part of the manor stands an emerald piece.

the beach villa.
this villa is Situated on the beach.
around the villa ar 3 trees and a beach.
behind the beach is water.
this villa also has many windows.

this is the back of the river villa
around the villa is a river, a quay and 2 trees.
also this villa has many windows.
the villa also has 2 big towers

i'm sorry but there is no picture of the front of this manor.

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