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Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac

This creation is made for celebrate the 35th birtdahy of the anime series dedicated to the nythical Saint Seya
My idea is a set that display the run to to the temple of the first saga. It's somenting like a diorama that gonna show the clock tower with twelve flames (one for each zodiac sign).
Thanks to the Light-Brick the clock can be illuminated.
Is also included a statue of the greek God, Athena.
Included to the set there are 8 figures, one for each of the main charachers of the saga.
The figures are: Dohko of Libra, Shiryu of Dragon, Kiki, Athena, Seiya of Pegasus, Hyoga of Cygnus, Shun of Andromeda and Ikki of Phoenix.
In front of the figures there are the cloth box that contains the bronze armors, and the gold one for Dochko.
The render is made using LDD.

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