Product Idea

Lamborghini Veneno Starting Line

Hi Everyone, here's my latest project, the Lamborghini veneno starting line! This set has lots of quality for either play, or for display and would make a good speed champions set as well! The set Includes...

  • Two Lamborghini Veneno Roadsters - one red, one white
  • Starting line
    • Large enough for both cars
    • Italian flags on either side
    • Green, yellow, and red lights, and red and white stripes on the base
  • Lap timer, and trophy
  • Easy to remove stand for cars so that it looks nice on any surface, and so that you can have a "racetrack" to display it on
  • Approximately: 500-600 pieces

I will make minifigs and post them in an update later on

So there it is. Please support if you want to see this become a set. And if you really want it, then share it everywhere! Please check out my other project as well!

P.S. If you have any ideas for other cars that I should make, then please let me know!