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Lamborghini Veneno Starting Line


Hi Everyone, here's my latest project, the Lamborghini veneno starting line! This set has lots of quality for either play, or for display and would make a good speed champions set as well! The set Includes...

  • Two Lamborghini Veneno Roadsters - one red, one white
  • Starting line
    • Large enough for both cars
    • Italian flags on either side
    • Green, yellow, and red lights, and red and white stripes on the base
  • Lap timer, and trophy
  • Easy to remove stand for cars so that it looks nice on any surface, and so that you can have a "racetrack" to display it on
  • Approximately: 500-600 pieces

I will make minifigs and post them in an update later on

So there it is. Please support if you want to see this become a set. And if you really want it, then share it everywhere! Please check out my other project as well!

P.S. If you have any ideas for other cars that I should make, then please let me know!

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