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[The Hermes] the Martian


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This is my Lego Hermes, made in Lego Digital Designer.
The Hermes is a fictional spacecraft made by NASA, designed to carry astronauts from the Earth to Mars and back again, in the book "The Martian" by Andy Weir.
The story is about Ares 3, a NASA project, in which botanist Mark Watney is stranded on Mars, assumed dead, and tries to survive... At least until the next Mars project Ares 4, 4 years in the future.
After I read the book, I watched the movie by Ridely Scott. The Hermes was beautiful, and I wanted a Lego set for it.
So I decided to make one, on LDD.

  • Maximum span (solar panels): 363.2mm (14.3in)
  • Artificial gravity segment width: 220.6mm (8.7in)
  • Total length: 1224.1mm (48.2in)
  • 1589 parts (Hermes only) (LDD count)
  • This Hermes is, as you can see, pretty big. But it's also very thin, so I had to make a very sturdy structure by sandwiching bricks/plates with plates↴.
  • The solar panels and the artificial gravity segment (the ring part) can rotate, using the 48452cx1 technic turn tables, as seen in the picture.
  • Also contains 1 Hermes resupply probe, 1 Ares mission MAV, and 1 Mark Watney minifigure.

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If anyone has any advice/finds any mistakes, please comment in the "COMMENTS". I would be willing to make my project better and accurate.

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