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The only thing better than legos and game shows is a game show Lego set. This is a Lego set one of the longest running game shows: jeopardy. Now you can experience the joys of jeopardy by building the set of jeopardy yourself. This set is around 70 pieces, so it should not take long for your jeopardy Lego set to be ready to be displayed. 

  • one Alex Trebek mini figure
  • the pieces to make a great game show come to life

Since Jeopardy is a family friendly show, so is this Lego set. Anybody with any set of building skills will be able to build this set and enjoy it. This set is for Lego lovers, this set is for jeopardy lovers, this set is for people who love Alex Trebek, and this set is for anybody else who wants to build it. 

Goals for $800
A: 10,000 

Q: What is the amount of supporters this set is going to get?

Thank you everyone for supporting this set. I hope we can all see this favorite game show Lego set on the shelves of the Lego store one day.