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Lego iPod Case 3000

This iPod case is made entirely out of Lego Technic pieces. It is both an effective means of protecting your iPod and a sleek, attractive case that will turn heads. The iPod slides into the case from the top and is held snugly in place until it need be removed. This case has a locking trapdoor at the bottom which not only provides access to the charging port, but also functions as a stand. Best of all, the case is not the least bit bulky when the trapdoor is in the closed position and fits with ease into pants pockets.

I made this case 3 years ago and after 3 years of regular iPod use, the case is still completely intact and my iPod hasn't a scratch on it.

The Lego iPod Case 3000 is a beautiful coming together of function and fashion, and offers a challenging, stimulating build for the Lego enthusiast.

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