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Kerbal Space Program - Modular Ship System


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Have you ever wanted to make your Kerbal creations a reality?

With this modular Kerbal Ship System, now you can!

Build either the standard ship, complete with Mk1-3 Cockpit that fits two kerbals inside, or build your own designs from a collection of over 40 possible mini builds!

Parts include a range of in game items from the Small and Medium item sizes that are most commonly used and have the most lego parts in common. Engines, fuel tanks, batteries and cockpits all connect vertically through either a 6x6 or 4x4 round plate while solar panels and RCS tanks use clips positioned around the circumfrence of major parts.

Two adorable Kerbal Minifigs complete the set. Sit them inside the cockpit and simulate a launch, or clip the to the outside of your build to show off a risky EVA.

Watch the cinematic below to see more!

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