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Stan Lee's Lab

This is a project about one of the fathers of all Marvel superheroes: STAN LEE. That man is pure imagination and that is also what LEGO is about!!
It would be great to have him in LEGO form, another cameo to add to his collection. :)
As a huge fan of both Stan Lee and LEGO, I created a small set with a board and a desk, but it is just a draft! I'd love to receive suggestion from other True Believers!!!

This is the main concept, Stan Lee and his lab, where he creates his magic!!:D it is just a draft, I have plenty of ideas to fill all that space, but it would come to a much higher price. I prefer a smaller set that everyone can afford... :D

This is the main board, with writings or drawings: it would be nice to have a small captain america drawing...

This is a small desk with a chair, and a lamp!

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