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Bionicle: Toa Nurai


First Part Of Origin Story Included Below

These are my own custom Toa that I made using Lego Digital Designer. The idea of this (Bionicle) is created by LEGO, these characters are mine. This set goes well with the actual new Bionicle story, though I do use old Bionicle terms such as "matoran" and "kio" (a unit of measurement used in the old Bionicle storyline) in my own origin story for my Toa. I would price this set at $50.

The set would include exactly what is in the pictures ( 6 Toa ). The set includes 245 bricks. However, there are some problems with the pictures on my part. First, Toa Anest's axes combining would have one extra connector piece. Second, I believe Toa Rajall's chest plate is not attached to him AT ALL; however, I think it can be fixed with just a few more bricks. Lastly, Iluna's (spelled "iluna") lightning bolts on her staff are supposed to be the same color (transparent blue with transparent green (like Surge from Hero Factory Brain Attack)). For play value, Toa Iluna's (spelled "iluna") lightning bolts on her staff can be spun around, Toa Anest's two axes can be combined into one big axe (with some bricks left over), and Toa Nalli's air blaster can be turned into a jetpack (that can be attached to her back) and a shield. The origin story is written by myself, with inspiration for the words from Greg Farshtey, the writer of many LEGO books and stories (including the old Bionicle books).

The Toa are (check the pictures) Toa Unota, Toa of acid; Toa Rajall, Toa of smoke; Toa Anest, Toa of physics; Toa Nalli, Toa of wind; Toa Iluna, Toa of electricity; and Toa Gakan, Toa of magnetism. These Toa do not have only one female on their team: Toa Anest, Toa Iluna, and Toa Nalli are all female. Toa Unota, Toa Rajall, and Toa Gakan are male. Now for mask powers. Unota has the mask of mimicry, which allows the wearer to mimic the voice of any being the wearer has heard speak. Rajall has the mask of sublimation, which allows the wearer to turn directly from a solid to a gas and vice versa. Anest has the mask of thought, which allows the wearer to read other beings' minds. Nalli has the mask of density, which allows the wearer to change their density to rise into the air or descend quickly. Iluna has the mask of Agility, which increases the wearer's speed, jump distance, and acrobatic skills. And Gakan has the mask of proportion, which allows the wearer to increase or decrease in size.

                                                        First Part Of Origin Story:

          Many kio Northwest of Okoto, a matoran called Netuwo, from the region of stone, climbs a mountain that he believes to have no end. He grows tired, for he cannot remember if this is his 1,000th step, or his 100,000th step, and lets his mind wander about how all of this came to be...

           He had just taken a break from his work on another statue, and decided to take a stroll on Okoto's coastline in the region of stone. Netuwo would soon regret that he took a walk, for as soon as he was about to sit down, a terrible quake started to shake the island; almost as if the island itself was alive! A few seconds later, and a huge explosion was ringing through the air so loud, Netuwo thought his head would split open.

          The explosion had rocketed Netuwo though the air and as he was falling at a speed he thought never existed, "What in Ekimu's name is going on!?" he screamed. Netuwo crashed into the water, quickly lost consciousness, and would soon learn just how ironic his situation was...

                                                                       To Be Continued...

That is the end of the first part of my origin story for the Toa Nurai. If you would like to read the rest, please check back on the updates for this project as I will continue the story the more supporters this set gets.

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