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Marsh'Lok The Swamp Lord


This is Marsh'Lok Lord of the swamp.  He is not to be trifled with when he is in his domain..The swamp.  Should you run face to face with Marsh'Lok then you should be prepared to face the horror of his ginormous face which can swallow his prey whole.  Additionally watch out for his poison gases and vine tentacles as they can catch any wood-be traveller by great surprise as they come out from the ground near you.  If you are fleet of foot then maybe the best choice is simply to run away.  

Marsh'Lok was an expirment in chaos and random piece construction.  The lack of symmetry is not commonly found in humanoid or monsters sets, however it is in this place that Marsh'Lok thrives.  Beward the Lord of the swamp - Marsh'Lok!

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