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My Neighbour Totoro


Who wouldn't want a LEGO Totoro? The character (Oh-Totoro) we all fell in love with in the movie My Neighbour Totoro by Hayao Miyazaki.

Models are built to minifigure size and I'm planning to include minifigures of Satsuke and her little sister Mei. The stand-ins aren't that similar at the moment. Maybe they will work well as Friends figures. I also want to include the two smaller totoros Chuu-Totoro and Chibi-Totoro to make the set complete however they will need a lot more work. I'll also improve the models making them as efficient as possible and try out different poses. Two poses are ready at the moment and I have an idea for the third pose being Totoro sleeping.

The model is filled with LEGO pieces so its solid making the model heavier than you would expect when you first pick it up. And I also plan for a little surprise for the builders inside that is invisible...

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Thanks to sherrycayheyhey for the LEGO ball tutorial that got me started (

Stay tuned for updates...


Johan Israelsson

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