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Mixels: Glowkies Cousins


Mixels Series 10

this project will also center around  four other tribes all of which will be getting extra members and they are the Nindjas, Orbitons, Fang Gang, and even the MCPD.


Orbitons:  Norbit (has four eyes and an underbite and will come with a Nixel), Spaceo ( tall Orbiton with one eye and has poesable hands) and Satalightor ( has two eyes and wing-like hands)


Fang Gang: Bitetor (tall body with small hands and will come with a Nixel), Grinder (moveable jaw with eyes close to his upper teeth) and Shapzor (sharp underbite with golden teeth and poesable hands)


Nindjas: Kunar (has a kunai-like body with poesable hands and has claws), Spearno (has a beak and spears for weapons and will come with a Nixel) and Mixelnardo (has four eyes, kunais for weapons and a small neck)

MCPD: Pupzy (actually a Mixie Puppy with poesable hands and will come with Nixel), Parkzo (has wheels for feet and has a walkie-talkie and handcuffs to do an arrest) and Speedza (cycloptic mixel with police lights on his feet and on his arms)


and theese Mixels will be released along with the Glowkies Cousins.


Mixels Series 10

this project will also center around 


TV form

These are the animated forms of the Glowkie cousins.

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