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LEGO Whac-a-Mole (Motorized and Playable)

This LEGO WHAC A MOLE set is motorized with 6 motors, and it's totally playable!
Inspired by the original arcade machine designed by Aaron Fechter in the early development of the Whack-A-Mole arcade game from Bandai, which became popular in the late 1970s.
Designed to be comfortable to play with, adjustable time and difficulty it’s fun to play with friends or with your family. The hammer is sturdy to play without worrying to fell apart. You can save previous scores to challenge your family, friends or yourself,
This Whac-A-Mole LEGO set consists of a cabinet with a play area and display screen in three difficulties, and a sturdy mallet. Six holes in the play area top are filled with moles, which pop up at random. Points are scored by whacking each mole as it appears.
Hope you like this set, and please support it, so it can be a real LEGO set!

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