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The IQ Puzzle Box

Where the idea comes from

This IQ Puzzle Box is a very similar puzzle to one of my favorite toys of my childhood. Since then, such puzzles are very rarely seen in shelves in stores and children's rooms nowadays.

As LEGO inspires me to build unexpected things, I decided to rebuild such a block puzzle to bring the joy of those puzzles back, including the fun of assembling it with LEGO bricks. Also, I think it is a nice addition to the portfolio of LEGO Ideas with a different type of playability and usability of LEGO bricks.

What it is about:

You build a decorative box containing blocks, which are colorful pieces of a puzzle with over 50 possible solutions. You can spend many hours on finding out a new and challenging way to solve it over and over again. When you are not playing, you have a very nice looking box that makes your shelf look more interesting.

The IQ Puzzle Box:
  • 10 colorful block-based puzzle pieces.
  • The puzzle can be a pretty challenging brain jogging exercise.
  • Way over 50 possible solutions to finish this puzzle. Can you find all solutions?
  • Pretty nice set with additional playability and challenges for kids, but also for elderly people.
  • Nice looking display set on the shelf.

Main features of the LEGO set:
  • Stable and nice looking box with cover, where all puzzle pieces fit in.
  • Turnable puzzle pieces, thanks to the usage of tiles and inverted tiles
  • The cover of the box integrates one of the solutions.
  • The build is done with around 600 LEGO pieces.

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