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EVE Megathron Battleship

This model was made in 2005 based off the original game graphics for the CCP MMO, EVE Online. The ship is a Gallente Megathron and is perhaps my favorite ship model in the entire game. This was the first battleship I obtained in-game and used it from everything from missions to asteroid mining.

At the time this was one of the top ships in the game and could be considered the flagship of the Gallente race. With different setups including an in-your-face blaster setup or long range sniper-thron it was one of the most versatile platforms for players using railguns. That along with a modest drone bay it could tackle nearly anything.

The model itself was made with pieces from other models and I had always hoped to make a bigger and more detailed version. Since the in-game graphics have been changed this may be the excuse I needed to make one. The dimensions are about 10 inches long by 5 inches wide.

Below are several photos of different angles. For more photos along with the in-game screen shots of the same angle please visit

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